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This page is to let you know what gear Aaron uses and recommends for beginners who are unsure as to what to get for themselves. If you have any more questions, you can email Aaron at
My acoustic videos...
My primary guitar is a Taylor 810e. It is acoustic/electric and the most beautiful sounding guitar I have played to date. When I play it, it sings on its own without me even having too. The back and sides are East Indian Rosewood and the top is Sitka Spruce. The neck is made of mahogany. I use exclusively Elixir strings and will not use any other strings unless I have to.

I also have an Alvarez Acoustic/Electric Guitar with a built in tuner in the body of the guitar. The exact model number would be Alvarez Artist AD70SC Dreadnaught. The built-in tuner is the best decision I ever made on my first acoustic steel string guitar. I can tune from standard to open D tuning in less than a minute because as you play a note the tuner shows you where you are. It basically guides you right to the correct tuning for each string. It is also where the controls are for the electric hookup for the guitar. I also have a crate acoustic amp. It is the most beautiful sounding acoustic amp I have ever played and I would recommend it to anyone.

My electric videos...
I have a Gibson Les Paul Supreme that I purchased at the Gibson Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee where it was also hand made. This Les Paul was one of Gibson's 2007 Guitar's of the Month. What that means is that there are only 400 of each month's guitar. A lot of people asked me why I didn't get the pearl inlays in my fingerboard. The answer to that is that with the guitar already being a "custom", it would have almost doubled the cost of the guitar to get the fret board completely redone. So yeah that's why. My electric amp that I use is a Line 6 Spider III- 15 watt. I like it because it has buttons that you can press that give you a clean sound, a crunch sound for alternative and punk rock, a metal sound for rock with heavy distortion, and then an insane sound for all of you death metal fans. You can switch between all of those with one simple press of a button. It also has different effects on it such as chorus flange, phaser, tremelo, sweep echo, tape echo, reverb, and a tap delay button that allows you to determine the amount of delay on a note, sound, or effect. Also it has a CD in jack and a headphones/record jack out.

My strings...
I am a huge fan of Ernie Ball Elixirs. I have tried lots of strings but will always use Elixir's unless someone offers me an endorsement deal. Then I will sell out in a heartbeat haha. I like the Elixir's so much because they are easier on your fingers because of the coating on the strings and they also allow for a much easier transition from fret to fret whether it be single note slides or entire barre chord slides. They reduce that annoying "scratch" as your fingers slide up the strings. They also are easy to tell when they need replacing. When you can see on the upper frets where your open chords are played and the strings have lost their coating it is time to change the strings.

I have recently began using D'Addario Coated Phosphur Bronze strings and I have to say I am very impressed. I may soon be a D'Addario convert. I recommend you try these and the Elixirs and decide for yourself. The main difference between the two is that the Elixir strings are coated by being dipped in coating after they are wound. The D'Addario strings are coated and then wound which improve the quality.

My capo...
My capo is a Keyser Quick Change Guitar Capo. I like using it because as many different songs as I teach and as quickly as I switch songs when I am just jaming out I like to just squeeze, move, and let go of the capo instead of unscrewing it and sliding the screwing it back on. Helpful tip - remember to have your capo right above the fret just like you would play if you were playing a barre chord. The further above the fret you put the capo the more buzzing and poor sound qualilty you will have.

My picks...
I don't really prefer any other than different thicknesses. When I play my electric I use light picks and when I play acoustic stuff I simply use medium thickness picks. This is a personal preference and each player develops their own personal preferences.

My video recording equipment...
Belive it or not, I record a majority of my videos with my digital camera. I then upload the videos to my computer, import them into Windows Movie Maker, make needed adjustments, and then publish them to my computer in order to compress them. This allows them to upload in minutes to my youtube site instead of hours if you do not compress the video files.
Some videos I use my iMAC, but I have not liked that better than using my digital camera.

I hope that helps a little and if you are in need of any supplies, check out the FREE AND EASY GUITAR STORE. It has different guitar supplies, equipment that I use and/or would highly recommend. ENJOY THE REST OF THE SITE!!!

Aaron G


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